Dr. Jasmine Douresseaux

Jasmine began her career as an English teacher in CEIP Miguel de Unamuno in Madrid, Spain. While living through Los Indignados protest movement, Jasmine developed her commitment to understanding political systems. Watching the Spanish movement influence the Occupy Wall Street movement helped solidify her interest in social science research.

Jasmine is a passionate researcher whose interests range from insurgency and civil conflict to educational psychology. The tie that binds these disparate research areas together is decision making under risk and uncertainty. Whether she is analyzing state leaders or college students, she is interested in information framing, planning, strategy, and updating processes.

Jasmine has worked hard to gain experience in a myriad of statistical and qualitative methods. Jasmine has taken additional coursework in multi-level modeling, game theory, and survival modeling. In addition to training in SPSS, STATA, R, and SAS, she has experience in Latex and Microsoft software.

In her free time Jasmine enjoys time with family and friends. An avid gardener and hiker, Jasmine can often be found outdoors with a smile on her face.

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